The Norx Healthcare website is entirely depended on Adderall, Ritalin, and many other medicines. If you see the terms “us”, “we” and “our” this is referring to the website. Therefore, from here you can buy any of the medicines at a better cost. If you are willing to get a brief information about the products, you will get it from here.  

You need to go through the service terms thoroughly before getting an access to this website. Once you access any part of this site, you agree to the service terms. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you cannot access this website. This way, you cannot avail of any services because you can be restricted from doing it.  

Section 1- Terms of an online store

The moment you agree to these service terms, in this section, you already represent that you are above 18. Because some medicines are there on this website, the adults can only use them. Few medicines are there which are not meant for children.

Remember that you should not use the products for any illegal purpose. If you are caught doing it, it would be regarded as a violation of laws.

Another thing is that you are not allowed to transmit any destructive virus. It can easily spoil the website, and there can be a huge problem.

Section 2- General Conditions

We do not give service to someone else as there is a certain reason for it.

You get it that the content which you are producing is easily transferred. But your credit card information has to be encrypted when there are transfers of networks.

You cannot sell any service as it is not prohibited. However, if you want to do it, you will require permission to be legal.          

Section 3- Accuracy of the information

We do not have any responsibility if the information presented on this website is not as per your choice. The required material which is used here is only for some specific information. You cannot rely on it for making a better decision without seeing any exact information source.

Section 4- Price and Service Modifications

Prices of these products may vary without any further notice.

We have the right to modify this service without a time notice.

We are never liable to any other party or you if there is any change in price or service discontinuance.

Section 5- Services or Products

Few services or products are easily available online only through this particular website. These are those with insufficient quantities, and you can return them as per the return policy.

Our website has made every possibility to showcase the images and colors available in the medical store. However, there is no guarantee that the color of any product will come accurate on the computer screen.

We do have the right, but we are never obligated for limiting our product sales. It often happens that we exercise the right on the basis of case by case.