Tramadol: An opioid that has been in the market for years and years 

Whenever we suffer from any serious pain we think that a painkiller is going to cure our pain. It is not only going to cure our pain but also makes us feel relaxed. But an ordinary painkiller is not going to do anything. Moreover, it can cause trouble and trouble. So why not try out something new and unique? The new one is none but a Tramadol. A tramadol dosage stands to be potent to give you relief from your pain. This is why it is known to be real. 

And the moment you try it you will see how it shows some relief. Not only relief but also a feeling of comfort. People in the United States have given it a try and seen how beneficial it can be. The number of people using this medicine is around 5-10 million. Not only Tramadol, even the brand Ultram is also available. You can assume Tramadol as one of the finest painkillers. If you are still sceptical about the medicine see the reviews and then buy it. 

But before that, you should be clear and transparent about the product. If you are not sure about the product you may have certain doubts. So we would request you to clear all your doubts as soon as possible. It does not matter whether you buy a tramadol 50mg or 100mg. But our motive is to make you aware of the product. If you do not know about it then you can have various questions. We would be happy if you get answers to all your questions. 

What is Tramadol? 

As we said, first you need to know what is tramadol. Tramadol is known to be an opioid. Or you can also call it an opioid analgesic. It steadily reacts in your spine and then starts giving you a simple relief as soon as possible. Not only the spine, but it also reacts to your brain. This way it soon eliminates your pain and makes sure you get rid of your pain. This is the reason why you would not get disappointed. It is not the only medicine, it has various brands. 

It is available in three main forms tablets, capsules and liquid. The tramadol 50mg is mostly available in tablet and capsule form. And liquid form is in the injection. People call it the oral drops solution. One thing we forgot to tell you is that it commenced in the year 1995. Therefore, it is already a 27 year old painkiller. Being an opioid it is known to be safe. After you give it a try you will surely know what it is. All we can say is that it is the best medicine. 

What is Tramadol used for? 

Tramadol is used to give you straight and simple relief from your pain. As we said it reacts inside your brain as well as your spine. So after using Tramadol you get rid of your pain as soon as possible. Make sure you do not use it for any other purposes. Using it for other purposes might be harmful and dangerous for you. So make sure that you only use it to get rid of your pain. Now you know what is tramadol used for.  

Tramadol for humans 


For human beings, Tramadol is strongly recommended. The strong dosage is approximately tramadol 100mg. But only if the pain is much more serious. You cannot have this dosage if you are having a minor nerve pain. Majority of the people consume Tramadol and get rid of their pain. We guarantee you that after purchasing a Tramadol you would soon get a solution. It is helpful and known to be beneficial for you. 

Tramadol for dogs 

On the contrary, Tramadol is also used for dogs. You will be able to see tramadol for dogs section when you purchase it online. But remember the dosage is not similar to humans. For dogs, the dosage is at least 45 mg or 50 mg. It can never go beyond 50mg. If you want you can even ask a veterinarian. Therefore, by any chance, if your pet dog is suffering from a severe pain please give Tramadol. All in all, we can say that it is going to be a relief. 

Tramadol for cats 

There are some people who say Tramadol is good for cats. And some say that for cats Tramadol can be harmful. We do not know the reality behind it. When you ask is tramadol an opioid you already know the answer is yes. It is an opioid but that does not mean a cat can consume it. But still, researchers are searching for the answer to it. Once they find a positive answer you can surely give it to your dogs. But that never means too much. 

Tramadol 50mg for nerve pain 

It is already sure that you can use tramadol 50mg for nerve pain. Therefore, once you are having a hard hitting pain on your nerves, use it. You will not feel worse. Instead, you will feel comfortable and relaxed. Doctors mostly prescribe it for nerve pain. Once you have it beyond 50 mg it is going to cause more and more trouble. So please have the 50 mg dosage not more than that. In the beginning, you may find it to be the wrong statement but it is not. 

Is Tramadol a controlled substance? 

Many people also ask it that is tramadol a controlled substance or not. Yes, it is a controlled substance that comes from Schedule 4. This says that you can become dependent on Tramadol. So you need to make sure that you always go through your prescription. On the prescription, your dosage would be mentioned. Have it as per the dosage. Do not go beyond it as it can cause trouble and make you feel worse. 

Is Tramadol a narcotic? 

Besides asking about being a controlled substance people also ask is tramadol a narcotic. Yes, it can be a narcotic. But the question is when. Only if you sell the medicine illegally. Or even after having the medicine you crush and snort it. In these two cases, Tramadol can be a narcotic. Once you start snorting the medicine it can easily affect your health. It will damage your liver. So have the whole Tramadol tablet as it is the appropriate thing to do. 

Is Tramadol an opiate? 

It is a silly question is tramadol an opiate or not. Tramadol is an opioid. So you can never get confused with both these terms. As far as we know opiates and opioids are two different groups. The opioid inside Tramadol gets inside your body and starts relieving you from your pain. But remember that opioids are highly addictive. So you need to maintain a dosage chart while consuming Tramadol. It would not allow you to consume the dosage in bulk. 

Is Tramadol an nsaid?


No, Tramadol is not an nsaid. You can never ask this question is tramadol an nsaid or not. It can be narcotic. But not always only if you consume a higher amount of dosage. It would result in a problem. Many people take this matter so lightly. You should never take this matter lightly. On the internet, if you search this you will get that Tramadol is not an nsaid. You can call it an opioid cum narcotic that gives you a guaranteed relief from your pain. 

Tramadol vs Hydrocodone 


See we cannot differentiate between Tramadol and Hydrocodone. So the competition between tramadol vs hydrocodone seems unusual. It is not right because both of them are generic forms. Under them, you are going to get various brands. By any chance, if you are not getting Tramadol you need to purchase Hydrocodone. It is not necessary that you buy their brands. Buy the generic form and you are going to get an exact result. 

Tramadol vs Oxycodone 

Now there is also a competition between tramadol vs oxycodone. When it comes to comparing Tramadol with Oxycodone then also we would say both of them are better. The comparison is not worthy. So you can use each other as an alternative. But you should also know that both of them are known to be highly addictive. Have them carefully as per the dosage. It is going to be helpful for you. 

Tramadol vs Toradol 


Tramadol is known to be an opioid plus narcotic. On the other hand, Toradol is an nsaid. Both are different products. So you cannot differentiate between toradol vs tramadol. Toradol is a painkiller plus it is also responsible to make sure that you get rid of inflammation. Tramadol is only a painkiller that relieves your pain. It does not help you with any other problems. Another thing is that there is no difference between both these medicine 

Tramadol classification 


Now you need to know about the tramadol classification. Tramadol is classified as an opioid drug that we all know. But we should also know that it is an opioid analgesic. Majority of the experts say that it is not classified at all. Till now the answer to this question is unknown. So there is a question mark. But Tramadol is an opioid there is no single doubt about it. This is what the classification is all about and there is nothing else. 

Gabapentin and Tramadol

See gabapentin and tramadol are two different drugs. Tramadol is a straight and simple painkiller. On the other hand, Gabapentin is a medicine that cures your seizure. So it is known to be an anti-seizure medicine. And remember that the interaction of both these drugs are harmful. Not only harmful but even dangerous. Make sure when you are having Tramadol never have gabapentin. It is going to trigger mixed reactions as soon as possible. 

Tramadol 50mg 

We told you that the 50mg tramadol is the best. You should know why it is the best. The reason being it gives you a full 100% strength. A total strength like 500mg. Therefore, it remains in your body system for a long time and gives you long-term relief. This is why you need to prefer the medicine. It is a good strength but better than this there is 100mg. You can use both of them and see how valuable they can be for you. 

Tramadol 100mg 

There is no doubt that this one is the best strength. But you can only try it if your pain is going beyond the limit. It means if your pain is so serious and you are not able to control then 100mg tramadol is applicable. You will get it as a tablet as well as a capsule. Misusing of this 100 mg of Tramadol must not be done. It is too high so you need to have it only after a heavy meal. Heavy meal means you can consume the medicine after lunch or dinner. 

Tramadol withdrawal 

Many people are there who want to know what tramadol withdrawal is. Just imagine that you are highly addicted to Tramadol and cannot leave it anymore. When you want to leave the medicine this is being termed as a withdrawal. You cannot withdraw it without any reason. It is because there can be some highly dangerous symptoms. You need to ask your doctor whether to withdraw Tramadol or not. If the doctor says so then only you can do it. 

Tramadol meant for 

It is also necessary to know that a tramadol hydrochloride is meant for which age group. The medicine is meant for people who are above the age of 18. Teenagers can also have it but not at an unlimited value. They have to start with a lower dosage. Starting with a lower dosage is good for them. But another thing is that children below the age of 6 can never have it. As it is an opioid so it can be harmful to them. 


You need to consume a Tramadol and then see the way it reacts. It would react in a comfortable manner and give you great relief.