Oxycontin: An Opioid Treatment for Pain

Do you know What is Oxycontin? It is an opioid treatment for your pain, whether from an injury, after surgery, or long term. Further, you can treat every pain with this treatment. However, this medication is a controlled substance under a scheduled II class, which means its abuse rate is as high as morphine. Moreover it is oxycodone hydrochloride but in extended-release forms. You can easily buy Oxycontin online in the following strength 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, 60mg, and 80mg tablets.

This medicine is available for oral use only. The chemical compound present in Oxycodone is the salt of hydrochloride. Oxycontin is a generic version of Oxycodone. Meanwhile, this medicine is a slow-release as compared to the other drug.

What are the side effects of Oxycontin?

Some common side effects of OxyContin compromises of:

  1. lethargy,
  2. headache,
  3. vertigo,
  4. weariness,
  5. constipation,
  6. stomach ache,
  7. nausea, and
  8. vomiting

Moreover, Oxycontin severe side effects may include:

  1. loud breathing,
  2. low breathing,
  3. breathing that breaks through sleep (sleep apnea),
  4. sluggish heart rate or frail pulse,
  5. the feeling of light-headedness,
  6. confusion,
  7. uncommon thoughts or behavior,
  8. seizure,
  9. sickness,
  10. vomiting,
  11. lack of appetite,
  12. light-headedness, and
  13. deteriorating tiredness or weakness,

If these symptoms show up or continue for some time, seek medical help right away.

How long does Oxycontin stay in your system?

The amount of time Oxycontin stays in your system depends on various factors. For example, the dosage or strength, how did you consume it, orally, nasally, or intravenously, how’s your metabolism and your age, body size, or if you are consuming other medicines. Moreover, it usually stays in your saliva for one to four days; meanwhile, it lasts up to three to four days in your urine. Besides, it stays in your hair for up to 90 days.

What are the symptoms of Oxycontin withdrawal?

When you stop taking Oxycontin, suddenly, you will start to experience some severe withdrawal symptoms. These may include:

  1. agitation
  2. wet eyes
  3. gooey nose
  4. yawning
  5. helplessness to sleep
  6. muscle cramps
  7. joint pains
  8. nausea
  9. sweltering
  10. firm breathing
  11. rapid heartbeat
  12. Dependency usually

How does Oxycontin with alcohol works?

Oxycontin with alcohol is a fatal combination. The effects of these medications increases if you take them with alcohol. Further, it will take time for this medicine to get out of your body. Also, it can lead to hazardous side effects and overdose too.

How does Oxycontin make you feel?

For people who consume this medication for the first time, they describe the experience as:

  1. An enjoyable emptiness
  2. Not as much discouraged as before
  3. More gratified. However, they were frightened to miss that feeling
  4. They felt as if pleasing things just happened to them
  5. Also they felt cheerful mostly
  6. Around them, things felt comforting or memorable
How long does OxyContin stay in your system?

OxyContin stays in your system for 24 hours; however, we have classified it according to various body parts:

  1. Blood: In blood, OxyContin may show up to 24 hours
  2. Urine: It might show up to four days in urine
  3. Saliva: In saliva, it may show up to 48 hours
  4. Hair: OxyContin is detectable in follicles for up to 90 days

What milligrams does OxyContin come in?

OxyContin is available in following milligrams: 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg, 80 mg and 120 mg extended-release tablets. You can consult your doctor to know which strength would be best for you in what dosage you should take.

Does OxyContin make you sleepy?

The very common side effect of OxyContin is drowsiness. Well, this may occur at the start, when you start taking the medication, or you increase your dosage. Kindly avoid driving, using heavy machinery, or taking up a dangerous task that requires your full attention.  

Is OxyContin the same as Percocet?

Oxycontin and Percocet have similar opioid ingredients, Oxycocet and Endocet. Although Percocet and OxyContin both work to relieve pain, Percocet provides relief for only five hours; meanwhile, OxyContin’s effects may last for around 12 hours.

How can I say whether I’m addicted to OxyContin? 

Oxycontin belongs to the opioid family of medication, and if you take it constantly, your body will develop tolerance or dependency on the drug. You might be addicted if:

  1. it would be best if you took gradually more OxyContin to get a similar effect
  2. you have withdrawal symptoms—like shaking, cramps, vomiting, muscle torment, inconvenience dozing, what’s more, disturbing— if you quit taking OxyContin all suddenly
  3. also, you invest a lot of energy and money into getting OxyContin that you don’t deal with significant things in your day to day life
  4. You continue to use OxyContin. Nonetheless, the issues it causes in your day-to-day existence.

If these things are occurring or you notice them continuously then you will likely need assistance from a health care provider or rehab to get off OxyContin. Addiction of opioid medication is one of the largest reason of Deaths in America. 

How can you stop opioid addiction?

The FDA is encouraging doctors to discuss the benefits of Naloxone and as an alternative while prescribing Opioid medication like OxyContin. This medication is best for reversing opioid overdose and usually available in the form of nasal spray or an injector. The working of Naloxone is knocking the opioids absorbed in the receptors from the brain where they are showing their effect. Moreover, they prevent them from returning.


Where can you buy OxyContin online?

If you are looking to get relief from long-standing pain, then you can buy OxyContin online overnight. It is possible to place an order on our website. You can quickly get the medicine with free shipping and without any prescription.

Frequently asked questions 
  • Does an Oxycontin take the responsibility to make you free from narcolepsy? 

No, never it neither treats you from narcolepsy or anxiety. The prime function of this tablet is to only treat you from any sort of pain. No matter whether your pain is serious or light, this tablet gives you relief. 

  • What is the real strength of an Oxycontin? 

The thing is that an Oxycontin tablet is available in various strengths. Now when you want to know about the tablet’s strength then the answer is that it is too strong. It cures your pain by staying inside your body for a longer time. 

  • Except in the United States, is it available in other countries? 

Yes, except in the United States it is available in many other European countries. People often have this thought that in other countries it is banned. But it is not the right thought. It is also available in African countries. 

  • Do you need to have two doses per day? 

No, on a daily basis you do not need to consume two doses. Only a single dose is responsible for giving you an exact solution. In other words, a single dose is similar to double doses. 

  • What is the molecular formula of this tablet? 

The molecular formula of this tablet is C18 H21 NO4. Without any hesitation, we can surely say that it is the best formula. Therefore, after having it you would get an abrupt solution as soon as possible. 

  • Does it really have the best ingredients? 

Yes, it really has some of the best ingredients. They combine up together and make you free from serious pain. Not only a serious one but this tablet also makes you free from any minor pain. You can just try it for a change. 

  • How can you call it the best medicine? 

You can call it the best one because it steadily relieves you from your pain. After relieving it also gives you a feeling of comfort and makes you feel relaxed. Just trust it and later on you will only get advantage from it. 

  • What is the right time to have the dosage of this tablet? 

We are not aware of its exact timing. All we can say is that you can have it as per the timing recommended by your doctor. So just follow the prescription. If you follow it then you would not have any problem with the timing.