Morphine: Get to Know the Important Things About It

Do you know which drug was among the top three drugs-related cause of ER visits? Yes! It was Morphine. Moreover, it was right behind alcohol/drug combination and cocaine abuse. Further, this pain reliever belongs to the group of medications named opioid analgesics and relieves moderate to severe pain. Before you buy Morphine online consult your doctor.

The working of Morphine is by changing how your body reacts to pain. Further, they do not allow the pain signal to reach the brain. Besides, Morphine is a Schedule II drug under the DEA, which means it has high chances of abuse. Moreover, Dreamer, First Line, Hows, Mister blue, God’s pill, and others are Morphine street names.

Although Morphine is a synthetic drug, it is extracted from the plant Papaver somniferous. Besides, it is available in the following form:

  • The Extended-Release Tablets,
  • Capsule in Extended Release form with 24 HR working,
  • It is also available in Solution form, and
  • The doctor usually gives the injection form.

What is the dosage of Morphine?

Morphine is available in direct Intravenous Injection. The general dosage to start the treatment in adults is 0.1 mg to 0.2 mg per kg. Further, you can take it every 4 hours as required for pain management. However, you should adjust the dosage according to your condition, severity of pain, treatment, disease, and age or size. Consult your doctor about the strength and dosage before you buy morphine online.

What is Morphine Sulfate strength?

The morphine sulfate injection is available in various strengths. Besides, you can get it in 2 mg or ml, 4 mg or ml, 8mg or ml, 10 mg or mL, and 15 mg or ml. Meanwhile, the tablets are available in the strength of 15 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg, 100 mg, and 200 mg.

What are the side effects of Morphine?

Morphine can cause some side effects. These common side effects are:

  1. sleepiness
  2. stomach aching and cramps
  3. dry mouth
  4. headache
  5. anxiety
  6. mood swings
  7. black circles in the middle of the pupils
  8. trouble urinating or hurting while urinating

There can be some serious side effects. If you acknowledge these symptoms, seek immediate medical help:

  1. If your skin changes to blue or purple color
  2. variations in heartbeat
  3. anxiety,
  4. illusions (seeing things or hearing voices that are not there),
  5. fever,
  6. sweltering,
  7. confusion,
  8. rapid heartbeat,
  9. trembling,
  10. severe muscle difficulty or jerking,
  11. lack of coordination,
  12. nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  13. lack of appetite,
  14. faintness, or dizziness
  15. helplessness in getting or keeping an erection
  16. uneven menstruation
  17. reduced sexual desire
  18. seizures
  19. dangerous drowsiness
  20. fainting
  21. chest ache
  22. fever
  23. hives
  24. rash
  25. itching
  26. inflammation of the eyes, mouth, lips, face, or throat
  27. hoarseness
  28. trouble in breathing or swallowing


  1. Avoid using this medication if you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, or breastfeeding. There are high chances that it may pass on to milk or the baby. In conclusion, it will make the kid dependent on the medication and addicted to it. Moreover, withdrawal symptoms might affect the kid.
  2. Avoid consuming alcohol if you take this medication. It may lead to drowsiness, sleepiness and make it hard for a person to function.
  3.  To the dosage recommended by your Doctor, do not take more than prescribed medication. Moreover, do not alter your dosage without talking to your Doctor.
  4. Morphine may cause constipation, so talk to your Doctor about consuming this medication with food or without food.
  5. Store this medication in a tight container, away from children’s reach, and store it at room temperature away from sunlight.

What should I tell my Doctor before taking Morphine?

If you have the following condition inform your Doctor prior about the following situation:

  1. Have severe asthma or breathing difficulties;
  2. Further, a blockage in your abdominal or intestines,
  3. Also, if you had any head injury, seizures, or brain tumor;
  4. Moreover, breathing problems or sleep apnea;
  5. If you have any mental illness and drug or alcohol dependence;
  6. Also, urination difficulties or liver or kidney illness;
  7. Furthermore, difficulties with your gallbladder, pancreas, or thyroid.

What drugs can interact with Morphine?

Morphine may interact with other drugs; however, we mentioned a few you must avoid using together.

  1. cough relievers such as codeine, hydrocodone,
  2. alcohol,
  3. marijuana or cannabis,
  4. drugs for sleep or anxiety, for example, alprazolam, lorazepam or zolpidem,
  5. muscle relaxants, for instance, carisoprodol, or cyclobenzaprine,  
  6. antihistamines such as cetirizine or diphenhydramine.

How does Morphine make you feel?

The common effects of Morphine contain:

  1. Euphoria
  2. Pain aid
  3. Drowsiness or unusual sleepiness
  4. Reduced anxiety
  5. A false or rare sense of well-being
  6. The calm or peaceful feeling

These feelings are the reason why people generally abuse Morphine or use them for a non-medical purpose. If you abuse Morphine you may get Symptoms of overdose like:

  1. sluggish, shallow, or irregular breathing
  2. trouble breathing
  3. drowsiness
  4. incapable of responding or waking up
  5. limp muscles
  6. cold, damp skin
  7. small pupils
  8. slow heartbeat
  9. blurry vision
  10. vomiting
  11. fainting
What is the half-life of Morphine?

The half-life of Morphine is two to three hours. It stays in your body according to the age, the medical condition you are treating, dosage, and which form of Morphine you are using. However, you can detect in your body accordingly:

  1. In urine for at least three days after the last dosage after use
  2. Also, in blood test up it will show up to 3 days after use,
  3. Further, in saliva for around four days after the last dosage after use
  4. In the hair test, it will show for at least 90 days after the previous dosage after use

Before you buy Morphine onlinecontact your Doctor about your dosage.

Frequently asked questions
  • Does Morphine give you a steady relief from your pain? 

Yes, Morphine obviously gives you a steady relief from your pain. After having it you would get a faster relief. And there is no doubt that the medicine will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. So you can just consume it for a change. 

  • What are the brands that come under Morphine? 

There are some best brands under Morphine and their names are Roxanol, Morphabond, Avinza, Oramorph SR and many others. As Morphine is a generic form so you need to buy it only. The reason being it is not so costly and you can also get it at a discounted rate. 

  • Is it a benzodiazepine medicine? 

No, it is not a benzodiazepine medicine. It is an opioid medicine which cures your pain within a very short span of time. So, you need to try it at least once and see how well and easily it functions. 

  • Can it interact with the other medicines? 

Yes, it interacts with the other medicines. But suddenly it may happen that you can get mixed-up reactions. So it is better for you to consume it as it is. If you do it then you will get an appropriate solution. 

  • What are the possibilities of relief? 

There are many possibilities of relief after you have this medicine. And without any hesitation, the possibilities are 100%. Therefore, you can easily trust this medicine and see how well it functions inside your body. 

  • Does the doctor prescribe it? 

The answer is yes the doctor prescribes it and says that it is better for you. But the doctor will also say that you are not allowed to overdose it. Once you overdose, the consequences can be worse. Therefore, you need to think twice or thrice before overdosing.