LORTAB: 7 Major Things to Know About This Pain Killer

What is Lortab? 

Lortab is a brand name medication of hydrocodone and acetaminophen and is similar to brands like Norco and Lorcet. This is a mixed medication of opioid and non-opioid pain killers. Moreover, this medication works by relieving moderate to severe pain. It alters how your brain responds to pain by changing the receptors working. Further, acetaminophen also helps to reduce fever.

What does Lortab look like? 

The Lortab tablets are available in multiple colors and strengths. For example are green, white with pink, or wholly pink, or blue specks. They have an imprint of “ucb” on one side and numbers like 901, 902, 903, 910 on the other side, all depending on the strength.

  1. How has Lortab Misuse shaped in the last decades? 
  • According to ASAM, women’s death due to overdose of pain killers increased more than 400% in the previous decade compared to men.
  • Among every five new heroin users, four users abuse prescription painkillers.
  • Sales of pain killers in 2010 were four times higher than in 1999, and the substance misuse rates also skyrocketed to six times compared to the last records.
In what strength Lortab is available?

Lortab is available in the strength of 5 mg, 7.5 mg, 10 mg combined with 325 mg acetaminophen. For oral tablets, the 10/500 is the dosage of one tablet is consumed every four to six hours.

What are the side effects of Lortab?

Common side effects of Lortab are:

  1. Lethargy,
  2. Anxiety,
  3. Vertigo,
  4. Nausea,
  5. Vomiting,
  6. Distressed stomach,
  7. Constipation,
  8. Headache,
  9. Mood Swings,
  10. Unclear vision,
  11. Ringing in your ears,
  12. Dry mouth, and
  13. Unconcious thinking.

What are the signs of Lortab Withdrawal? 

Lortab withdrawal can be stressful and painful. The symptoms of this medication withdrawal include:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Chills
  3. Cramming
  4. Common yawning
  5. The rapid increase in blood pressure
  6. Increase in sensitivity of pain
  7. Insomnia and agitation
  8. Irritability
  9. Muscle pains
  10. Nausea and vomiting
  11. Increase in a heartbeat
  12. Runny nose
  13. Trembling and tremors
  14. Stomach issues
  15. Sweltering
  16. Gashing of the eyes

Precautions with Lortab:

  1. This medicine can interact with alcohol, acetaminophen, and medications that make you sleepy or slow your breathing. Do not consume Lortab with antidepressants.
  2. You should avoid food like grapefruit juice, cabbage, and tobacco while on Lortab.
  3. Do not breastfeed if consuming this medicine as it could pass through the milk and make the child depend on this medicine.
  4. They have classified under schedule III drugs; hence, abusing and misusing them is prohibited.
  5. Lortab can make you dizzy and drowsy, so avoid driving or operating heavy types of machinery.

Frequently asked questions 

  • How can Lortab reduce your fever? 

There is a component inside Lortab named acetaminophen. This component mixes up with hydrocodone and gives you relief from fever. Therefore, even if you are suffering from fever then also you can consume this tablet. 

  • Can children consume it if they want? 

Yes, children can consume it but the simple thing is that they need to maintain the dosage. Remember this thing that their dosage is not the same as adults. Before giving it to your children, talk to the doctor. 


  • What is the right time to have this tablet? 

See, the exact time is really unknown to us. But your doctor will mention the timing on your prescription. There will be no other option rather than following that timing of the medicine. After doing it you will get an ultimate relief from your pain. 


  • Do the doctors prescribe it? 

Obviously, the doctors prescribe it and say that it is the best. Therefore, you can easily trust it and get the best advantages after consuming it. Visit a doctor and tell him/her that you are consuming Lortab. It is guaranteed that he will mention the dosage of this medicine. 


  • How fast does it work? 

All it does is to reach inside the brain and steadily fights with your pain. The moment it fights your pain you get relief within a very short span of time. Therefore, you can try it out and see how well it works. 


  • Is this meant for a woman who is breastfeeding?  

No, a woman who is breastfeeding can never have this medicine. Even a pregnant woman can also not consume it, the reason being that the newborn baby can get addicted to it’s dosage. The doctors say this thing and it is a strict instruction.