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know about a painkiller medicine

Things to know about a painkiller medicine


First of all, all of us must understand what is pain? Everyone is quite familiar with this term but do you understand the inner meaning of it. Your answer to this question will be a simple no because you have never analyzed it. The best we can say is that pain is an irritation in your body that causes huge trouble.

painkiller medicine
painkiller medicine

In other words, it is also said that it is trouble which you cannot bear for at least 4-6 hours. So, in this case, we can get a painkiller medicine that gives you the best relief. Therefore, it is clear that painkillers are the best and kill your body pain as soon as possible. Now before going any further, you just have to know a few things about a painkiller.

If you are aware of these things, you would never have any more questions. So mentioned below are a few things about painkiller medicine. Just go through them, and after that, you will have a very brief knowledge about them. But if you take it lightly, you would never know when and how to consume it.

What happens after you take a painkiller? 

There are many people who have this question in mind that what happens after you take a painkiller. In other words, you can say the benefits with which half of the things can become possible. But, first, read the points mentioned below, and then everything will be clear in front of you.

  • Feel like taking them again and again- The moment you consume one painkiller, you will feel like having another. You can say that you will feel like taking them again and again. The reason being is that it gives you quick relief and makes sure that you reach your comfort zone. The best example of this thing is an Oxycontin tablet. After consuming this tablet, it is certain that you cannot have any further trouble.
  • Possibilities of having symptoms are being reduced- Believe it or not, but it is true that after consuming a painkiller medicine, your options of having symptoms are reduced. Many medical experts have proven this thing after researching it thoroughly. And in this case, oxycodone will surely be the right choice. So take this thing into your consideration and never forget it in the future.
  • Your body feels relaxed- You will notice that you start to feel better after taking the painkiller. In other words, you do not feel unwell anymore because the medicine functions properly. In this situation, the best you can do is to take a tramadol Percocet. Just take it and see the change in your body, which you might have never thought of earlier.

How to take your painkiller medicine safely.

Are you fully sure whether your painkillers are safe? If your answer to this question is simply no, you have a certain confusion about it. So it is better not to be confused because taking medicine is not a joke. You have to take it safely because you are taking it to cure yourself of any kind of pain. Below are a few points that tell you how to take your painkiller medicine safely.

  • Never take it when you are on an empty stomachThe most important thing is that you should not take any painkiller when you are on an empty stomach. If you do this, there can be a hole inside your stomach, and it can cause dangerous repercussions. Therefore, it is better to take some food before taking a painkiller.
  • Know about the painkiller very well It may happen that the painkiller which you have been prescribed has recently come to the market. As a result, you can also tell that it is the latest one you do not have any information about. So what you will do is that you should know about it a little bit. All you can do is read the medicine strip carefully and see the components it is made of. Once you see the components, you will know whether it is good for you. Another thing which you have to see is when and how to take it. Today some of the latest medicines are coming to the market. Their names are tramadol Percocet, Norco, and Morphine.
  • Inform your doctor if you take other medicines- Many patients hide these facts from their doctors that they are taking other medicines. It is totally wrong because it can lead you into massive trouble in the later period. So whenever you are visiting your doctor, you should tell him/her if you take any other medicines. Once you tell this, then he/she will give you a recommendation that whether you should take those medicines or not. In the beginning, you can have this thought that it is a false statement, but later on, you would understand its value very well.
  • Have some questions for your prescriber- Do not blindly take the prescription from the prescriber. It means that you should have some questions when a prescriber is prescribing you the painkiller. The questions can be like: Whether I can drink alcohol while taking this medicine? Will I consume it after a major meal or not? Do I have to take it daily or once or thrice in a week? I do not want to have an addiction to this drug, so what should I do? Therefore, these are some of the questions you have to ask your prescriber.
  • Know about the bad side effects- Another thing is that you also have to know about the side effects that take place after consuming a painkiller. You have to know from the doctor what is the bad side effect about which he/she wants to know. For example, if you start vomiting after taking the medicine, you should inform your doctor immediately. The moment you hide it, this problem can become serious, and things can worsen.
  • If you have any problem with the prescription, do not wait- Now, it seldom happens that you do not understand the dosages written in your prescription prescribed by the prescriber. So what you can do is not to wait and consult your doctor as soon as possible because he will make everything clear. If you keep waiting and thinking about it, you can miss an important dosage. Missing a dose can later become harmful to you and can also cause severe difficulties.
  • Do not take a prescribed medicine recommended by someone else- You may have a family doctor who is advising you a Soma, whereas the doctor you visited has recommended you a Vicodin. So what you can do is take the doctor’s recommendation you have visited earlier only. The reason is that your family doctor may not know the problem you are going through in full detail. Therefore, it is always better not to take a prescribed medicine recommended by someone else.
  • Keep a journal and rate your pain- Last but not least, it may happen that you are having major or minor pain. So just keep a journal with you and rate your pain. If you have any major pain, place a double tick mark on it, and while any minor ones, just make a single tick. Once you do it, your doctor will find it easy to figure out which medicine to give you. Although it is not so important, you can do it for your own benefit.

Mistakes that you should avoid while taking a painkiller

Many a time, people make mistakes while taking any of the painkiller medicine. Of course, this is not right, but in the later period, you will face enormous consequences for it. So here are the mistakes that you should avoid while taking a painkiller.

  • Never take the medicine incorrectly- It means that you take too many painkillers, giving you the worst end results. These results will surely cause a lot of trouble, and lastly, your body can have serious health issues. Therefore, take this thing on a serious note and never forget it in the future.
  • Take this medicine with other medicine- Suppose your doctor has recommended you a tramadol Percocet; alternatively, you have a crocin. Never do this because both of these medicines will not function a proper way. Many people do not take this point seriously, but it always needs to be taken into everyone’s consideration.
  • Do not take the second dose very soon- You will see that there is a time limit given for each dose. It means that after taking the first dose, you cannot take the second dose very soon. It can be very harmful, and you would not get the desired results.
Frequently asked questions

Although we have discussed a lot of things, there are a few questions that remain unanswered. So mentioned below are the answers to those questions that people have been asking for a longer time.

  1. Do painkillers affect our kidneys?

No, there is no scientific proof of it, but you have to be very careful while consuming it. The moment you take an overdose, it can damage the other vital organs inside your body. As a result, you have to consume it within a certain limit because it is appropriate.

  1. Which are the best painkillers available in the market? 

No one can tell which are the best ones because they all give you a result. But if you want to know the ones which give you faster relief, they are Oxycontin, oxycodone, tramadol Percocet, Norco, Morphine. These are not only the best but outstanding and give you relief as soon as possible.

  1. Do painkillers make your blood thin? 

No, not at all, because a painkiller is not allowed to make your blood thin. See, the name is a painkiller which means that it can reduce the pain in your body. After that, it gives you better relief, resulting in a change inside your body.

  1. How much time does a painkiller take to relieve our body? 

See, there is no perfect answer to it that how much time it will take because it depends. We can say that different painkillers have different relief times, so no one can say anything. So, we would say that you should never expect that this painkiller will give a quicker relief.

  1. Can painkillers affect the liver? 

Yes, a few painkillers are there which can easily affect your liver. It will only happen if you take them frequently or with a combination of alcohol. If you are an alcoholic, you should know about it because it can give you a very bad consequence.

  1. Is a painkiller really not good for your health? 

There is nothing like that because it is totally a false statement. But it can never be good for your health when you overconsume it. So it is better to consume painkillers by keeping certain things in our mind. If we do so, it can never ever be bad for our health.

  1. Do we have to take painkillers daily? 

It is unnecessary because your doctors will advise you whether you should take it twice or thrice a week. Follow your doctor’s instructions and then get to know when you have to take it and how. If you follow them, you can easily take care of your health at the end of the day.

  1. Are painkillers available online? 

Yes, now, in this digital age, most painkillers are available on an online medical website. All you need to do is to have a visit there and make your transaction via card. But, of course, the best thing about an online purchase is that you can also get it at a discounted rate.


Therefore, these are the things that you should know about a painkiller. Just know about them, and after that, everything will be transparent in front of you. But if you take them lightly, you would have various doubts and queries.

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